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Dave Dvorak Music

J&S Bean Factory

Next gig: Saturday, Feb 3, 6-8pm J&S Bean Factory With Jerry Esnough 1518 Randolph Ave Saint Paul, MN 55105      


Minnesota ER doctor sings ‘Refugee Lullaby’ to help kids.

“Words are more emotionally powerful when attached to music,” he said. “My hope is the music might soften some hearts.” 


Refugee Lullaby

From the album “Things You Cannot Measure” by Dave Dvorak, available on iTunes and at https://www.davedvorakmusic.com 

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CD Release Party!!!

  Things You Cannot Measure CD Release Party Thursday, December 15th, 6-10pm Lake Monster Brewing 550 Vandalia Street St. Paul, MN  55114 Featuring a live performance of tracks from the album, along with delicious craft brews and tasty food truck eats. Proceeds from sales of the CD benefit the Boat Refugee Foundation  www.bootvluchteling.nl/en/